Saturday, May 24, 2008

Limited edition posters by STARSHIP, only $25!

Seinesgleichen geschieht / The Like of it now happens
Series of Posters 19 / A1
single poster 25.- $
series 19 poster 400.- $
Various artists:Simone Gilges, Judith Hopf, Daniel Pflumm, Bless, Nils Norman, Stefan Dillemuth, Christof Schaefer, Nina Rhode, Sebastian Lütgert, Henrik Olesen, 4000, Michaela Eichwald, Can Altay, Gunter Reski, Klaus Weber, Florian Zeyfang, Deborah Schamoni, Ariane Müller, Martin Ebner and Hans-Christian Dany. (For a full PDF of images email

Hans Christian Dany

Klaus Weber

Simon Gilges

Martin Ebner

Henrik Olesen

Daniel Pflumm

Ariane Muller


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