Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pharmakon Library by Christina McPhee

Pharmakon Library is an ongoing series of graphic folios created and curated by Christina McPhee. The folios comprise a series of open works by artists who address, through image and/or text, the principle of critical reversibility, or proximity of poison and cure. "Pharmakon" in Greek may mean antidote, recipe, poison, drug, spell, remedy, drug, talisman, gift and paint. Each folio consists of a series of between 8 and 12 digital pigment jet archival prints by a single artist or a small group / collective of up to 3 artists. Each folio is produced as an edition of three. The scale of each folio images is 13 x 19 inches each (Super B). Print stock is Epson exhibition photographic paper and/or Hahnemule German Etching archival paper; archival inks, with, in some instances, hand drawings.

A list of initially participating artists is TBA soon in connection with the project debut at the New York Art Book Fair in late October 2008 (A related speculative architectural installation brief for a possible library with a new media component, involving transcoding of Twitter messages into a sound space at the center of a temporary structure, is explored in a text online here, together with pharmakon images: )

The project is produced in association with Silverman Gallery, San Francisco.

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