Thursday, November 20, 2008

WISH KEY by Ben Shaffer, November 2008


This wish key is 32 years old.

All these thoughts that flowed up to this exact point needed to be
written and transferred and released from this maze inside with all
the lights turned out. Couldn't find the way about before because,
it's been so dusty and hard to breathe in here. Hard to touch
anything without leaving a trace behind

The sunsets are wonderful and beautiful all these redpurples,
orangeyellows, lights. Colors you've never seen before or could
imagine ever existing outside of science fiction. Los Angeles has
many sunsets like from all the stuff that floats in the air from what
we burn to move us.


With interlocking triangles the smallest shape with lines except the
circle. My favorite shape that is a sound, motion, seen in the sky,
in your eye, and on someone's lips, you can make it with your hands
and make it your life. This movement from here and back to here. I
saw a horseshoe in the sky this morning. This long contrail that came
from infinity and made a turn back from where it came from to
infinity. I use to draw circles with a line through them. I guess I
got it from a Mad Max movie or something. Now I'm making these
shapes. Making them heavy and colorful and something I can leave


Just in one night it all changed. This dramatic shift in
consciousness. People cried involuntarily. They didn't know they
would. It just happened that way and we all felt it in our own
indescribable ways. A realization beyond words. Straight to
emotions. Lived with cultivated grown inside and waiting for a day to
open up. Physical reaction, uncontrollable and completely natural.

So it could all change just like we want it to. Maybe all those fires
don't need to start. Just prisms thrown in the air. Follow the path
to the end and buy all the land there. Put your hands in it and touch
your lips. Crawl to the bottom of a tree and prostrate yourself
however you feel like.


what truth is it?
we sit high and look at the sky of the made things being in it
with the home made spirits inside and even more riddles to our lives
coming forth.. . .

eyes and movements seem to say more than anything else
the way it all feels right just a strange everything

sitting here and knowing it will end and start over again. . .
hold those secrets in your hair. . .


The Sun came down and weaved itself around me, forming an interlocking
cage of understanding that I couldn't escape from. The earth became
my temple and I prayed to it and saw nothing else but, nothing else.
All those points connected and extended into the visible consciousness
and attainable a pattern of recognition that must have always been
here and when those two sides meet they form something new entirely
with each other. How could all these voices not be heard falling from
above and coming into each of us giving life?

All these new mandalas are going to be introduced. Some of them the
same and some new from dreams I had. Not really what they would look
like more about how to make them. You ever think about what you'll
dream tonight? It's good practice for controlling your dreams.
Projecting to another world within you.

Ben Shaffer, 11/20/08

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