Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Job Piston & Vanessa Albury: BAD MOON RISING special


Vanessa Albury, Diana Artus, Richard Ashcroft, Elena Bajo, Kelie Bowman, Greggory Bradford, Bettina Cohnen, Emily Coxe, James De La Vega, Liam Everett, Lonnie Frisbee and David di Sabatino, Tony Garifalakis, George Hennard, Annegret Hoch, Pamela Jue, Paulus Kapteyn, Richard Kern, Clayton Patterson, Job Piston, Luther Price, Lee Ranaldo, Max Razdow, Yoji Sakate, Jan Serych, Philippe Vandenberg

Curated by Jan Van Woensel

September 12th, 2008, 7PM

Live performance by Glass Ghost: 8PM

ISCP www.iscp-nyc.org

Designed for ISCP's Picture Parlor 2, Bad Moon Rising special focuses on a sociological and anthropological observation of contemporary life. Bad Moon Rising special exposes some examples of how the contemporary human navigates through unstable environments.

We've lost the center in our culture. There's no common ground any more. The horizon has been lost. There are no boundaries any more. You know, everything's been transgressed. For the last forty years, if you're really smart, and you're part of the intelligentsia—whether you're in the media, whether you are making movies, whether you are writing books, whether you're teaching school—the thing that this culture rewards you for is doing what? Transgressing every boundary you can find. (From J. Ligon Duncan III)

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